Happy Endings



Jayda2This sweet girl was abandoned at the shelter after hours with a bad case of mange which meant that she had no chance of adoption or transfer out. Rescue was her only hope and we were happy to oblige. Once in foster care Jayda got the treatment she needed to recover and regain her beautiful coat. And now she has gone to her forever home with parents who adore her. She’ll be joining her mom at work when she isn’t hanging out with dad at home and will have lots of adventures camping and kayaking with her new family.






Gretchen11 Gretchen spent more than a year in an Arkansas shelter before we rescued her. If they had known that she had heartworm they would have put her down long before. We had her treated for the parasite and brought her to Victoria were she found a good home. Eight months later her family’s circumstances changed and they felt they could no longer provide a good life for her so she came back to Mosaic Rescue. Fortunately this sweet girl landed on her paws and has now joined a family that includes two other Mosaics from Arkansas, Ziggy and Odin (adopted in 2008) and lots of other animals. She loves being part of the pack and having a beautiful farm to live on. She also has a new name, Sibil.





Dodie2Dodie was adopted from Mosaic Rescue in 2011 and was very happy there. However this year her family’s circumstances changed and through no fault of her own she came back to us to find a new home. She has now been welcomed into a multi generational family and named Adi (Adeline) after a favourite relative. Adi sleeps under the covers with her elder human, cuddles with the kitties and enjoys trips to the nursing home to visit more relatives and admirers. She was at home from day one and has even won the hearts of confirmed “cat people”.



Molson6Sweet, lively little Molson found himself at the pound with no hope of being adopted or tranferred to another shelter because he was heartworm positive. We made sure that he got the medical care he needed while in foster care in the south and he was happy and healthy by the time he came to B.C. Iggy, as he is now known, had to wait here a while until all the summer visitors left but his new home in the Gulf Islands was worth the wait. He loves his big canine sister who he gets to chase him around the big yard and keeps his parents amused with his antics.






Robbie21It takes some dogs a while to find their forever home and Robbie was one of them. He bounced back to us a couple of times but we think that was because his true forever home just hadn’t been ready for him at the start. He has a wonderful life ahead of him now though on a beautiful Gulf Island with loving, work from home parents and two cats to keep him company. Ravi as he is now known is a hit with the locals too and seems to fit right into island life. We’re thrilled to see him so happy and loved in his new home.






PeeWee2PeeWee is a sweet little girl who ended up on the wrong site of the shelter needing rescue because she was heartworm positive. She sailed through the treatment before coming to BC and has now landed in a wonderful new home with parents who adore her and a kitty who thinks she’s ok too. Maddieas she is now called gets to go to work with her new mom and will no doubt be the office darling. She’s a lucky girl.






Daphne7Daphne is a sweet older girl ended up in an overcrowded kill shelter in the south when her elderly owner could no longer look after her. We rescued her and placed her in a home with a retired woman but Daphne came back to us five months later when the woman’s daughter and young children moved in after a divorce. Things seem to happen for a reason and we think the bouncing was because this special girl was destined to be in the home she has now. As her new name,Duchess, suggests she has the life of royalty with doting “parents” and admiring fans. She loves her many walks in the neighbourhood and shows her appreciation with her happy dance and toothy grin.





Felix4Felix is an active fun loving little guy who might well be called the energizer bunny. His southern foster parents are both marathon runners and while Felix hasn’t run a marathon yet he has gone on up to 12 mile runs with them and been ready for more. His foster mom and dad love him and we couldn’t think of a better family for this little guy so Felix is staying in what is now his forever home. Rather than foster failures his parents consider themselves foster winners.







Dagwood5This adorable little guy was adopted from the shelter then returned when they discovered he had heartworm and didn’t want to pay for treatment. So Dagwood joined the ranks of many other dogs that Mosaic Rescue has rescued and treated for this parasite over the years. Dagwood is now enjoying the good life with a loving family who think he is the perfect fit for them and very entertaining. He has been showing off his happy toothy grin and bringing lots of smiles.







Checkers5One of our southern foster moms found Checkers tied to a door handle at an Arkansas shelter on his way to be euthanized and took him home with her. This sweet boy was pretty scared of humans at first, probably with good reason, but after a short time his affectionate and loving nature overcame his fear. Checkers now has a family of his own in Victoria and is in his glory. While he loves everyone in the family he seems to have formed a special bond with a little girl who adores him too




Boomer2Boomer had not had an easy time in his previous life and sadly found himself in the shelter and at risk because he was heartworm positive. We couldn’t resist this cute little guy. Once we pulled him Boomer spent a few months in foster care getting the treatment he needed. During that time his foster grandparents met and fell in love with him and when it came time for him to leave we all decided that that he was really meant to be with them. Lucky Boomer!





Odie3Odie is an adorable little dog who was adopted from the shelter then returned because he had heartworm and the people didn’t want to spend the money to have him treated. So many don’t. Mosaic Rescue has treated more than 70 dogs for heartworm so that like Odie they can go on to live happy healthy lives. This little guy now called Hamishhas joined another adopted Mosaic, Ruby (formerly Pickle), in the Gulf Islands where he seems to have fit in perfectly and he is loved to bits.





Moxie3This lovely little spaniel mix was turned into the shelter as a stray and no one came for her. No one was going to adopt her either since she was heartworm positive so she came into our care and got the medical treatment she needed before coming to Canada. Molly, as she is now known, has found the home of her dreams with another rescued dog and a work from home mom who loves to go hiking with her furkids. Molly’s new family say she is “perfect” and the best dog they’ve ever had.




Nutmeg6This little sweetheart might have been adopted from the pound but for her heartworm status so she joined the ranks of so many other dogs who Mosaic Rescue has had treated for this parasite. Nutmeg has now become the” little sister” of another Mosaic, Kira who was adopted a year ago. Their parents both work in pet friendly offices so they now each have a dog to take to work and their coworkers aren’t feeling dog deprived on alternate days. And there will be one more Mosaic to be included in the weekly Beaglemania get togethers.





Rosco6Rosco entered the Little Rock pound as a stray on December 1, 2011. He was there for six months, mostly in the sick room. In June he came into the care of Mosaic Rescue and spent the next six months being treated for pneumonia, heartworm and chronic upper respiratory problems – we call him our million dollar dog 🙂 . On December 1, 2012 Rosco finally got to go to his forever home. He may need some more medical care that Mosaic Rescue will sponsor but we know that he’s now in the best place to continue his recovery. Rosco is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs we’ve ever met. He’s stolen the hearts of everyone he met on his long journey in care and we know they will all be thrilled that he finally has the wonderful forever home he deserves. His adoptive family includes three girls who are going to shower this boy with all the love he could ever want. One of them set up a Facebook page for him so that he can keep in touch with his fans.

Rosco is scheduled for an endoscopy in January 2013. Please click here if you are able to donate toward his ongoing medical expenses.



DollyDolly came into the Little Rock pound with a puppy in tow. Her puppy was adopted quickly and it looked like Dolly would be too until the potential adopters found out that she had heartworm and declined her. So Dolly went into foster care with Mosaic Rescue, got the treatment she needed and has now gone on to a wonderful forever home in Victoria. This little gal will have the undivided love and attention of a retired mom who is going to show her that the world is now a safe and fun place.





Bonnie4This sweet girl was surrendered to the shelter terribly dirty, matted and infected with heartworm. She deserved better and we made sure she got it. Following heartworm treatment she made her way to Victoria and now into a home where she will have loving doting parents who treat her like royalty. Bella as she is now known surveys her domain from a top floor condo overlooking a golf course and has weekend retreats at a cabin in the Gulf Islands. What a life!




Betsy3Betsy was surrendered to the shelter when her owner had to go into a long term care facitlity. She was suffering from severe mange when she arrived and was bald on a lot of her body. Thanks to good medical and foster care this little girl recovered and is now a gorgeous pup. Roxy as she is now known has landed on her paws in a home where she’ll get lots of love, attention and training. We think agility is in her future but whatever she does she’ll be charming folks along the way.





Mitzi2We suspected that something bad had happed to this older little girl when we pulled her from the shelter and x-rays confirmed that she had suffered a crushed pelvis and a broken jaw in the recent past. Mitzi, now called Misu, is one lucky girl to join another recently adopted Mosaic, Gryphon (aka Grif) who also had a crushed pelvis. She’s thriving in her new home, loving her 10km walks every morning and proving to be a calming influence on little Gryphon.






RickyThis sweet little guy was such a mess when he came into the shelter. He was covered in fleas and missing chunks of hair as a result of the bites. He was also heartworm positive with no chance of adoption. By the time he had recovered from all that and got here he was the cutest dog you could imagine with a personality to match. Ricky makes people smile and he’ll be doing that a lot in his forever home. His parents manage a pet friendly independent living complex for seniors. He’ll be part of the action all the time and will have dozens of “grandparents” to spoil him.





BennyBenny was in rough shape when we pulled him from the shelter. He was suffering from two types of mange, was allergic to the medications used to treat it and was heartworm positive. He also broke his pelvis during the six months he was in foster care. All that is behind this sweet boy now and he has found the perfect home where he can thrive. He’s loving being part of all the activites including keeping mom company in her home office and will no doubt enjoy boating with the grandparents. Benny is one lucky dog and such a deserving one.





Murphy5Murphy is a funny looking little dog, a pug/cairn terrier mix?, who was somehow slipping through the cracks at the shelter. Those cracks can mean a death sentence and we couldn’t let that happen to Murphy. She has now found a wonderful forever home where she is entertaining herself as well as everyone else in the family. She gets to hang out full time with her retired mom and play with the grandkids that visit. No more cracks for this girl. She is home for good.




Gretel5This lovely girl was just another heartworm positive dog who might well have lost her life without rescue to get her the treatment she needed. Gretel’s special calm and loving nature was evident right away and we knew she should go to a special family. She’s certainly found them. Gretel now has a 7 year old special needs boy and a 90 year old grandpa to love on her and to be best buddies with. Gretel knows where she belongs. The first night she hopped onto the bed and cuddled in for a bedtime story. She’s already made such a positive impact. In the first two days the pretty much non verbal little boy was saying her name! It’s hard to think of a more perfect match than this.




GrifThis little guy might have been adopted or accepted for the shelter transfer program but for concern about his hips. When we rescued him we discovered that at some time in the past he’d suffered a crushed pelvis. Fortunately several vets determined that could live an active pain free life without surgery and he now has a wonderful forever home where he can do just that. Gryphon as he is now known has retired parents who adore him and beautiful waterfront acres to romp on. He’s building up those back leg muscles on 10km walks with mom every morning and delighting everyone with his sweet affectionate personality.






Katie was just a little black dog at the shelter who didn’t have a chance because she was heartworm positive. Mosaic Rescue was her only hope and we were glad to help this sweetheart. Kaylie as she is now called has a whole new life to celebrate. Her parents are retired and have lots of time to dote on her. She’ll be a regular on the trails around Cadboro Bay and will hopefully join other Mosaics in the area for play dates.






Amber Jane

Amber Jane was abandoned by her former owners when they moved and left her behind to fend for herself. She was on her own for months and when she was rescued she had 8, week old puppies that she cared for in a hole she’d dug under an abandoned shack. Her puppies were placed once they were weaned but AJ was heartworm positive and needed our help to get her the treatment she needed. All that is behind her now. She has devoted parents and never has to worry about being abandoned again or having more puppies!






We don’t know much about Della’s past except that she was dumped as a young dog and was going to be put down because she was so scared and anti-social. Our rescue partner saw what was beneath that fear and gave her a chance. We’re sure glad she did. Della has blossomed into a sweet, loving, loyal dog and now she has found the perfect forever family to take her the final way through her fears. Ella as she is now known is enjoying her walks on the Cedar Hill Golf Course trail every morning and sleeping with her mom at night. She’s a very happy girl and her family adore her.






Eric12It is hard to imagine a more affectionate lively dog than Eric. He’s such a character. He was heartworm positive so had no chance at the high kill shelter but for rescue. It is a mystery why it took Eric so long to find his forever home but it was a delight to foster him and it was certainly worth the wait. He’s got what he always wanted, parents who adore him and share their bed with him, a boy to play with and a big (really big) canine brother to show him the ropes. Koda has even got him swimming in the ocean already. He has a new name too, Billie. ‘Such a lucky boy.






This smart, pretty girl didn’t have a chance at the shelter because she was heartworm positive. Lucky for her we were able to get her treated while in foster care with a wonderful family who took her through obedience classes. Nina has now found a fantastic home where she must think she is in dog heaven. Two teenage boys to entertain her, waterfront property to play in and lots of lizards to chase. She’s also getting to continue with agility which is great fun for her and her family. Way to go Nina!






HunterHunter did not have an easy life before he was rescued. He spent at least three weeks sitting on the edge of a busy intersection 24/7 in winter weather waiting for someone or something before he was picked up and taken to the Little Rock pound. Mosaic Rescue pulled him when he tested positive for heartworm because we knew he had no other chance. We then discovered that in addition to various BB pellets in his body he had suffered a fractured pelvis in the past that hadn’t healed properly so he had the surgery he needed to prevent a lifetime of pain. Through it all Hunter remained a sweet loving dog who charmed everyone he met. Hunter has now found the perfect forever home that he has been looking for. His canine sister is another Mosaic from Arkansas, Emma Olivia (adopted October 2010) and she has welcomed him with open paws. We are thrilled that this special beagle boy is doing so well and is so happy with his new family.





Violet10This special girl had absolutely no chance of being adopted from the high kill shelter. She didn’t trust humans, perhaps with good reason, and would avoid them if possible. But our rescue partner saw what was beneath that fear and we knew we had to give her a chance through rescue. Once in foster care Violet became less fearful and glimpses of joy shone through her sad eyes. Her tail wags revealed her love of people and she started to trust again. When Violet was ready she found the perfect home with a couple who adopted their first Mosaic, Dillon, in 2006. She has a new name, Grace, to celebrate the start of her wonderful new life and we know she is going to blossom there.






Penny2Penny came into the shelter with two puppies who were adopted quickly once they were of age. But recent mama dogs don’t have the same appeal to adopters and Penny had a further strike against her, she was heartworm positive. She had no hope but for rescue and we were happy to get her into foster care and provide the treatment she needed. This sweet girl, now called Pip, is now in a forever home where she often goes to work with her mom and entertains the seniors in an assisted living complex. She gets lots of attention and is keeping everyone guessing as to exactly what breed mix she is, a sure sign she is a classic “mosaic”.






EmmyLouEmmyLou (Who) stole our hearts as soon as we saw her and when we found out she was heartworm positive we knew she had to come to Mosaic Rescue. What a character this little dog is and she has now found the perfect home where her quirky personality can shine. Emmi as she is now known joins another Mosaic, Milli (adopted in 2009) and the girls get along great. The two dogs provide double the entertainment with all their crazy antics and double the love as well.






MariahThis beautiful girl would likely have been adopted or been transfered to another shelter but for her heartworm status. Because she was positive she had no hope but for rescue and we were happy to oblige. Mariah is a people dog and she is delighted to be able to go to work with her dad every day and be adored by everyone there. She has her own cat at home who has welcomed her with open paws as well. Way to go Black Beauty. I’m sure glad we stretched our usual size requirements to save you.






Sable5This beautiful dog was found scared and very skinny by the side of the highway on the way back from a run to the Memphis airport to put dogs on a plane to Mosaic Rescue. Animal control in that area usually means a bullet so we thank Carrie and Christine for catching Sable and keeping her safe. Sable now has a loving family who are going to make sure she never comes to any harm and gets to have lots of fun. This outgoing girl will have lots of forest and beach romps and will no doubt continue to amuse everyone with her “leaping Lizzie” antics.




JessieWe’re not sure why Jessie languished at the high kill pound for so long with no interest but we’re sure glad we got her out of there before her time ran out. Jessie’s new family is happy too. They saw in her photo a smaller version of their red heeler Mosaic Ruby (adopted in 2009) and knew she had to join their household. Jessie and Ruby look like bookends when the third family dog is in between and the girls all get along famously. It’s a good thing they have a big couch and bed for three dog cuddles.





Shelby4Shelby was another mama dog who came into the shelter with puppies. Her six pups found homes quickly but Shelby needed our help. Not only are recent mamas looking rough after taking care of all those puppies this girl was heartworm positive as well and had no chance of being adopted. Mosaic Rescue is committed to providing medical treatment to wonderful dogs like Shelby so that they can go on to live happy healthy lives. Shelby has now found her forever home with a family who plan to take her everywhere with them. She’s going to love it.






Lydia3Lydia arrived at the high kill pound with three puppies who were placed quickly once they were of age. Not only was Lydia not looking her best after all that mothering but she was heartworm positive and had no chance but for rescue. This sweet, oh so scared girl charmed her southern foster mom and has stolen the hearts of her new family. We know that once she realizes that this is her forever home her fears will subside and her true loving nature that you can see in her eyes, will shine through in full force.






Livvy4Livvy was another heartworm positive dog who needed our help to save her from a “bad outcome”. This sweet girl has never wanted anything but a family to love and to love her and now she has her heart’s desire. Her godmother is delighted to have her close by as well. Livvy was very overweight when she came out of the shelter and someone commented that there was a lot of Livvy to love. We trust that a weight loss program will result in the same amount of love for Livvy just more concentrated per pound.






LaceyThis pretty girl was lucky to have been rescued when she was. When she was spayed it was discovered that she was pregnant. If the pregnancy had become obvious at the shelter she would have been put down. Lacey’s favourite position is on her back for tummy rubs and she has a lifetime of those to look forward to with her new family and all the relatives. She’s getting lots of attention and adoration in the neighbourhood too and having a great time playing with all the local dogs. Way to go Lacey!!




OliverOliver is a sweet older boy who has bounced far too much. We don’t know how he ended up in a high kill pound many years ago in terrible shape. Mosaic Rescue provided the treatment that he needed and placed him in a home where he was happy but a few years later his mom’s situation changed and she gave him back to us. Senior dogs deserve a home where they are cherished and cared for forever and Oliver has finally found that. He’s living happily with other dogs on acreage in the Gulf Islands and loving all the adventures, exercise and attention he’s been getting.

August 2013 We received word that Ollie passed away. Thanks to his special parents who gave him such wonderful care and love in his final years.




Kira7Sweet little Kira is another heartworm positive dog who stole the hearts of all who met her including her new family. She’s such a lucky girl to have found a terrific forever home where she gets lots of love and attention. Both her parents work in dog friendly offices (one even held a puppy shower for her) and we suspect they will be vying for Kira days. Kira and fellow Mosaic Saffi (formerly Whitney) live close to each other and enjoy beaglemania play dates. Click here to see some photos of these two. Will a Facebook page be next?





Paris2This striking girl might have been adopted from the shelter if not for her heartworm status. We couldn’t let such a lovely dog be put down simply because of a parasite so we got Paris the treatment she needed. She now has what she needed most of all, a loving forever home. She’s a lucky girl indeed with committed parents, a playful canine sister and even some cats to keep an eye on. Paris put on weight in foster care but we know that Lulu, as she is now known, will be slim and trim in no time with all the exercise she gets including a daily walk with Ruby, another Mosaic in the neighbourhood. .






DexterSometimes a dog just speaks to us at the shelter and we know we have to get him out of there. Dexter was one of those dogs. He had a maturity beyond his young age and a loving spirit that we couldn’t resist. Neither could his forever family. Dexter jumped into the laps and hearts of all the humans and is gradually winning over the cat as well. His new mom is keen to start training classes with him before moving on to agility. We think he’ll love it and will be a star.






PollyIt is hard not to smile when you look at this little dachshund beagle mix because she is so cute but she is the one who is smiling the most now that she has landed in her forever home. Kira Joy as she is now known is the constant companion of doting parents and has an older canine sister who is enjoying her as well. Kira Joy bounced around far too much in the south and we’re happy that she’s now settled and adored.







Tehya3This little sweetheart was another heartworm positive dog who needed our help to get out of the high kill shelter. It is hard to imagine a more social and affectionate dog and she has landed in the perfect forever home where she will thrive on all the attention. She has devoted parents and live in grandparents as well as an older canine brother who now has a new lease on life. Her family has just recently moved to the area and Meg (short for Megara) as she is now known, is going to make sure they meet and greet every dog and dog lover in the neighbourhood on their numerous daily walks.




Ivy8Ivy raised six puppies at the shelter who were all spoken for as soon as they were weaned but like so many recent mama dogs who don’t look their best after all that mothering no one wanted her. Ivy had two more strikes against her, she was heartworm positive and blind in one eye. She had no chance of surviving there. We knew that Ivy was a wonderful, loving dog who just needed a chance and so did her future mom. Ivy now has a family who adore her. She is helping to heal their hearts after the loss of an old dog and in return is getting all the love and attention she so deserves.




BuddyLove2BuddyLove was found hanging around a mall and taken to the pound by a security guard. We can’t understand why no one came to claim this sweet boy and wonder if he had been dumped. Fortunately he now has now found a forever home where he will always be valued. Cooper, as he is now known, settled in as if he’d always lived there and quickly became part of a busy family with twin boys about his age. He’s now considered the third triplet.







Megan3Black dogs are typically the last to get adopted from the shelter and this lovely girl was one of many similar dogs there which made her chances of survival very slim without rescue. Fortunately Megan has now found a home where “black is beautiful” and she is appreciated for being the sweet, smart, loving dog that she is. Megan is living in the Gulf Islands on an organic farm that also runs workshops and seminars. She’ll have lots to keep her busy with visitors to greet as well as her own boy to keep an eye on and play with. She’s a lucky girl indeed.






Rose2This little lowrider was one of the lucky ones we were able to save from the very crowded shelter and we’re so glad we did. She is a sweetheart who deserves to live a life of luxury. And that she will have with her doting new family, a retired couple with lots of love to give. Rosie as she is now known, fills a void left by the death of an old dog and is bringing much joy to their lives. Rosie is enjoying her regular walks in the neighbourhood as well as hanging out in the garden or the sunroom. She, like so many Arkansas dogs, loves the sun and has already found her favourite spots to soak up the rays.




Jenny2This precious girl had no chance of surviving at the high kill pound without rescue. She had a very bad case of mange and was heartworm positive as well. Mosaic Rescue is committed to providing the medical care for dogs like Jenny who can only be described as the perfect dog. (Of course they all are.) She spent six months in foster care in the south getting the treatment she needed before coming to B.C. and has now found a great home where she is adored. Jenny gets to go to work with her vet tech mom and is charming everyone who meets her.






Pickle2Pickle was one of many dogs seized by the Humane Society from a hoarding situation in Arkansas and taken to the local pound. She was in terrible shape when she arrived with a bad case of demodex mange and in early pregnancy with puppies likely too large for her to deliver. It took a few months of tlc in foster care but she recovered beautifully and is now a gorgeous healthy girl befitting the new name her forever family has given her, Ruby. She is indeed a gem. Ruby is loving her lovely new yard to hang out in as well as numerous walks around her Gulf Islands neighbourhood with her dad and canine brother. .





Whitney2This adorable little beagle was a stray who evaded capture by animal control officers until she could lead them to a dog who had been hit by a car. Once at the shelter she had little chance of adoption because she had heartworm and we knew we had to help her. Whitney was pretty serious when she first went into foster care but soon found her inner puppy. Now that she has found an adoring forever family her joyful play is full blown. She loves her gentle giant canine brother and their roughhousing provides non stop entertainment for her besotted parents. They can’t believe how well she has fit into their family and how quickly she stole their hearts Her new name is Saffi, Greek for wisdom.





ShanaShana was a scruffy little terrier mix who found herself especially at risk in an overcrowded high kill shelter because she was heartworm positive. She is now a healthy girl and happily in a wonderful forever home on Salt Spring Island. She lives on acreage and is getting used to being an island dog. That means joining her parents at various work places including the local vet clinic, adjusting to resident emus and pony and generally going with the flow. Shana has found her way into the hearts (and bed) of her new family and we’re very happy for her.






LiRoy5LiRoy had lived with an elderly woman and several cats. When she had to go into a nursing home he was taken to the high kill pound. People there were shocked to see such a morbidly obese dog. He weighed 44 lbs, more than double a healthy weight! Our southern rescue partner took him home and over the course of eight months got him down to 26 lbs. He was then ready to come north and find his forever home. Lucky LeRoy (as his name is now spelled) has now found a wonderful family to love. He’s a little velcro dog and will enjoy being part of all of the family activities. LeRoy will be a regular on the Cedar Hill Golf Course circuit and we know he’ll shed those last few pounds and be down to his ideal weight in no time.




Cookie3Cookie was an owner surrender at the high kill pound but we have no idea why. She was a delightful little dog who might have been adopted except for the fact that she was heartworm positive and needed the treatment that Mosaic Rescue could provide. She’s now a happy healthy girl up to her old busy terrier tricks in her new forever home. She has a new name too, Sadie. Sadie’s adopters wanted a lively dog with character and she certainly seems to be living up to their desires. Life is an adventure for Sadie and we’re sure that she and her family are going to have lots of fun together.





Skipper6Skipper was rescued twice, first in a Humane Society seizure from a hoarding situation and then from the high kill pound where he was taken. He came out of the original home with a bad case of sarcoptic mange and had large bare patches of skin and scabs. Once in foster care and with good medical care he recovered fully and now has a beautiful full and shiny coat. He now also has the most important thing of all, a forever family who adore him. There are other dogs in the home to play with and he gets lots of couch/lap/bed time with his humans. He’ll have lots of boating/fishing adventures this summer and we know he’ll be a “natural” as his name suggests. .


DeenaWhen a bigger black dog survives for six months at a high kill pound you know she has to be special. The manager and staff really liked Deena and fortunately didn’t find out until rescue spoke for her that she was heartworm positive. If they had known she would have been put down months before. Deena joins the ranks of dozens of dogs that Mosaic Rescue has treated for heartworm and she like the others is now in a loving forever home here. This sweet gentle girl ignores the cats in her new family and is already waiting patiently (on the couch of course) while her mom sees to clients before getting her own massage.





Tessa10Tessa is an adorable little dog who was adopted from the shelter then returned when she tested positive for heartworm. The people didn’t want to spend the money to have her treated. Mosaic Rescue is committed to providing the medical treatment necessary for these dogs to live a long and healthy life and we were delighted to be able to help Tessa. She is now bringing joy and love to a senior and enjoying abundant adoration and attention from friends and relatives who have welcomed her into their extended family. Tessa is set for life, as it should be.






MalloryMallory raised her seven puppies in the high kill pound and once they were all adopted it was her turn to find a home of her own. Mama dogs aren’t looking their best after all that mothering and her chances of adoption were limited at the shelter but she’s found the perfect terrier loving family here to give her the best life possible. Pippin, as she is now known, will have a great time exploring local trails, socializing with friends and family and even swimming in a nearby lake with her human dad when the weather improves. She’s a very lucky girl.






MillieBMillie was totally traumatized after being dumped at the shelter and knowing how bonded she gets to her people we can understand her reaction to that betrayal. All that is behind her now and she’s happily settled with a new family who are showing her the joys of being an only dog who gets all the attention and love. She’s rewarding them with lots of cuddles, kisses and butt wiggles (her specialty). It took a while to find just the right home for Millie but we all agree it was worth the wait. We’re happy for you Millie.






Keegan2This sweet little dog was one of two dumped overnight at the high kill pound. We’ll never know why he was left or what his background is but we do know that he deserves a family who will never abandon him again.. He’s now found that wonderful forever home with a retired couple who adore him. When he’s not out and about the yard or on walks Keegan spends his time cuddling on the couch or soaking up sunbeams through the windows. He’s certainly stolen the hearts of his new family and in just a day managed to earn himself a place in the human bed at night. Way to go Keegan!




Tret5It’s not common for us to rescue full breed dogs since they are often adopted at the shelter but Tret had heartworm. That and the fact she was a bit older put her at severe risk of being put down. She is too special to let that happen. Tret received the medical care she needed while in a loving foster home in the south before coming to B.C. She has now gone to a forever home that seems perfect for her. She’ll get to hang out with her new mom all day and help her around the acreage. She even has her own cats to herd although we’re not sure who is herding who. She has a new name too, Tara.




Emma2Emma is an example of the resilience of dogs. She has bounced between shelters and in and out of homes over the last year through no fault of her own that we can determine. Despite all of this Emma has remained a loving, happy girl. She finally has the forever home of her dreams where she never has to worry about being dumped again. She’s already trained her new family to give pats when she rolls on her back and is looking forward to hanging out with them in their lakefront yard and perhaps boating when the weather improves. Life is finally good for this sweet girl and we’re very happy for her.






Carmen7This beautiful dog would have been adopted in a flash from any shelter here but faced a grim future in the southern pound because she was heartworm positive. All that is behind her now that she is healthy and living happily with her new dad in the Gulf Islands. He’s retired and has lots of time to dote on this special girl. It can take Carmen a while to settle in and feel at home but we know she is well on her way to that. Her dad reports that she is now romping in the yard with her beautiful feathered tail straight up, a sure sign she’s a happy girl.




CeCe13CeCe came into the high kill pound with a number of conditions any one of which would have led to her being put down there but for rescue. She was one of the lucky ones to get out of there, receive all the treatment she needed and be able to come to B.C. CeCe is a dog who goes with the flow and has a confident zest for life. She donned a life jacket with no complaint to join her new family in the Gulf Islands when they came to pick her up in their boat. Chi Chi as she is now known will no doubt be in her element close to her human(s) most of the time.





BridgettBridgett is another heartworm positive dog we were able to save from the shelter when no one came to claim or adopt her. This gorgeous girl has now joined a family who adopted Neville (formerly Gibson) from us almost two years ago. Bridgett and Neville look so much alike they could be siblings and will be a great balance for each other. They already look like bookends on the couch. Bridgett will likely follow in Neville’s paw prints with obedience classes and then agility. Lucky girl.







Guinness5Guinness faced a grim future in the high kill pound because he was heartworm positive. He bounced through the treatment Mosaic Rescue provided and into the hearts of all his foster families. This and his ability to bound onto couches in a single leap earned him the nickname Super G. Guinness has now jumped into the home and hearts of a dachshund loving couple with two other “wiener dogs”. Already his regal nature has earned him the title of Prince von Guinness. We suspect he’ll earn many more titles befitting his special abilities and personality.





LexyHow could it be that Lexy’s people never came to claim her at the high kill pound leaving her at risk there? We’ll never know why but we’re sure glad we were able to get her out of there and into care. Lexy will never have to worry about being unwanted again. She’s been welcomed into a family who adopted their first “Mosaic” in 2006. Jasper (formerly Pippa) seems delighted to have a little sister to play with and she’ll no doubt be showing the new pup, now called Kasey, the ropes. She may even share her role as mascot of the boys’ baseball teams.





Indy7This sweet terrier spent four months in the high kill pound, just one of many unwanted dogs who face death there. Indy was one of the lucky ones we were able to rescue. He’s a delightful boy who charms everyone he meets. Indy has now charmed his way into a wonderful forever home where he’ll be the centre of attention and get all the love he could ever want. Both his parents have pet friendly employers so he goes to work every day with one of them. It’s such fun for this social boy.








Chester “Before”


Chester “After”

Chester was in terrible condition when he arrived at the high kill pound. He was matted to the skin, horribly stinky and raw from flea allergies. He sat there for two months with no potential for adoption and no hope but for rescue. Chester’s luck changed dramatically when we pulled him from the shelter, placed him in a loving foster home and got him the attention he so desperately needed.

After many baths, professional grooming and medications Chester looked and felt like a different dog. He was ready for a wonderful forever home and he’s certainly found it. As with all good adoptions it is a win win situation. Chester has a new mom to love and cherish him and Chester helps to fill a big hole in the heart and home of his mom after the death of Abby, another precious “Mosaic”.


HarlanHarlan was just another common hound mix at the high kill pound and as such at risk of being put down. Our rescue partners recognized that there was something special about him and Mosaic Rescue agreed to take him. We’re sure glad we did. Harlan Pepper (named after the character in the movie “Best in Show”) is a loveable gentle boy who melts hearts wherever he goes. He now has a family who consider him a treasure. They’ve had many dogs in the past but Harlan is the first who has been allowed on the furniture. We’re happy he’s found his way onto the couch and into the hearts of his forever family.






BaileyIt is hard to imagine that a gorgeous dog like Bailey could be at risk in a shelter. She was in fact adopted but then returned when the people learned she had heartworm. Treatment is very effective but expensive and few want to spend the money on a shelter dog so her only hope was rescue. Mosaic Rescue was happy to help such a sweet girl. Bailey received the treatment she needed to get her healthy and has now gone to her forever family who absolutely adore her. She loves to hang out with her dad in his home office and is getting her sea legs in preparation for lots of travel on her family’s boat this summer. She’s got a new name too, Belle to reflect her southern heritage and charm.





Skye8Skye suffered some trauma in the past that resulted in a broken rib, physical scars and a broken tail but didn’t scar her loving personality. She didn’t have a chance at the shelter because she was heartworm positive but once treated she was ready for her forever home here. Skye now has doting parents who are looking forward to giving her lots of love, attention, exercise and training, not to mention squeaky toys! She’s a lucky girl.







TobyToby was an owner surrender at the pound though we can’t imagine it could have been through any fault of his own. Although he is adorable he tested positive for heartworm and was at great risk there. Mosaic Rescue made sure he got the treatment he needed to rid him of the parasite and be able to come to BC. Toby now has a wonderful new work from home dad, a big canine sister and a new name, Cooper. Watch for him at Dallas Rd. where his family are “regulars”.







Chip7This little guy was literally a bag of bones and fur when we pulled him from the shelter. He weighed less than 5 lbs (half his ideal weight) and was so terrified that no one could get near him. He would not have survived there. What a transformation once Chip got into foster care. He not only put on weight but his sweet nature came through in spades. It’s hard to find a more cuddly loving dog. Chip has now found his forever home with family who adore him and regular canine visitors who he thinks come just to play with him. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Five months post adoption Chip’s mom writes: “He is our joy”. Click here to see how Chip spends his time when his buddy Tilou visits.





Lilly5Lilly is another example of a super sweet dog who would have been put down at the shelter because no one wanted to adopt a heartworm positive dog and pay for the treatment she needed to get her healthy. All that is behind her now and so is any worry about the future. Stella as she is now known has jumped into the hearts of her new family and will be a constant companion for them. This lucky girl won’t have to deal with our BC winters either as she’ll be spending half the year at her second home in Mexico.






Mickey9We can’t understand how this little guy could have been given up at least twice in the past and then endured four months at a high kill pound all by himself in a kennel. Mickey is such a social boy and loves other dogs as well as people. It took a while to find just the right forever home for Mick but we’re sure he’s there now. His “parents” are retired so he gets to hang out full time with them as well as his new little canine brother. He’s already enjoying being part of the pack which includes extended family and furkids.





Ginger5Ginger was a little brown dog who had no chance of survival at the high kill pound except for rescue. She had two major strikes against her. She was pregnant, likely with pups too big for her to deliver naturally and she was heartworm positive. Ginger was spayed and received the medical treatment she needed and has now found a wonderful forever home. She has two young children to help raise and an at home mom to hang out with when the kids are at school. Her new mom can’t believe how well behaved this girl is and how well she has fit into their family.

From Ginger’s family Sept. 2011 Sorry we weren’t able to make it to the reunion with ginger. We’re busy as ever with the kids sports on the weekends, and as always, ginger is a great 5th member of the family, attending games and cheering the kids on. She’s happy as a clam, and can be found most days snuggled up in all of my afghans, which she loves to paw off the back of the couch and fluff up into a comfy little nest. She has become quite the pampered pooch! We traveled for a month this summer with our trailer, so ginger got to see washington, idaho, montana, alberta, and the okanagan. She is such a great traveler! She is a constant source of love and laughter!Thanks again for bringing her into our lives!


Cleo5This pretty girl was terribly skinny when she landed as a stray at the pound. Someone had cared enough about her to have her spayed in the past (a rarity in Arkansas it seems) but no one claimed her at the shelter and she needed our help. Her southern foster family got her used to being in a family again and filled out her ribs a bit. Now that Cleo has found her forever family here she never has to worry about being neglected or unwanted again. She has a canine sister who welcomed her with open paws and parents who already treasure her as part of the family.






Brogan2If ever there was a classic “mosaic” Brogan is it. Dogs like him are so easily overlooked at a high kill facility no matter how wonderful a personality they might have. This lucky boy now has a chance to delight his new family by being himself. He has a young boy to entertain, another dog and a cat to play with and at home parents who will make sure he’s an active happy member of the family. Life doesn’t get much better than this.






Fergus5Fergus6This adorable little ragamuffin was passed over in the shelter by potential adopters for far too long because he was heartworm positive. His only hope was rescue and we were happy to help and provide the treatment he needed. Fergus is now healthy and celebrating his new life with his wonderful forever family who adore him. He’s already hanging out on the couch between walks and other outings during the day, warming the bed at night and bringing smiles all round.

Eight months later his new mom writes: ‘Really enjoyed your reunion and it was a delight to see Fergus’s foster Mom and Dad as well as meeting with all the other owners and their awesome fur babies that have been saved through your and Last Chance’s labour of love. It was fun watching Fergus run free and he seemed to be really enjoying himself.

He is definitely flourishing and has become the centre of our lives. Getting him through a Naughty Dogge course as well as “regular” dog training has done wonders and everyone is amazed how well behaved he is now and how calm. It’s definitely been worth all the hard work.

He has just graduated from the Practice 1 level of obedience at the Greater Victoria Dog Club and we will be moving on to the Beginner’s Rally training in January which will be a lot of fun for both of us. He definitely keeps us entertained and on our toes.

I have attached a picture of his favourite place in the house – on the couchgazing out the window.


Casey3Casey was owner surrendered to the high kill pound but we can’t imagine that it was through any fault of his own as he is such a sweet boy. He doesn’t have to worry about ever being given up again as he has a new mom who is absolutely devoted to him. Sunny as he is now known has settled in beautifully on the couch in front of the TV at home and has become an expert on all things Olympic. He seems to have embraced his new nationality too. His mom reports that when Canada does well he rolls over on his back and punches the air with his paws.






Brooklyn7This “Black Beauty” came to us a scared little dog who unfortunately then got bounced around far too much through no fault of her own. Once settled in her foster home her true personality started to show through and now that she has finally found her forever home she is blossoming. Brooklyn will be a constant companion for her new dad, running with him, playing with him and even going to work with him. No doubt she’ll use her persuasive Border Collie ways to train everyone at the office to dispense treats when asked.






Buzz5This little guy slid under the radar at the shelter for months before he came to our attention and we were able to get him out. Once he got into foster care and worked off some of the pent up energy he’d built up we discovered what a wonderful loving friendly guy he was. He now has a forever family here where he will be a constant companion and the home based business mascot. Watch for him at the local rowing regattas.




EmmyEmmy was picked up at a Wal-Mart parking lot as a stray puppy, probably dumped. At the time she was about 3 months old and just 4 lbs. She was malnourished and covered in fleas. She began to thrive only once she got into foster care and by the time she arrived in BC she was a healthy happy girl. She’s even happier now that she’s found her forever family who adore her. She has kids to play with, doting parents and many dog loving friends and relatives to admire her.






BuffyBuffy was a well cared for and likely loved older dog whose life was turned upside down when her elderly owner died. It got worse when a relative surrendered her to a high kill pound in the south. Buffy now has a wonderful forever home here and never has to worry about being abandoned again but many dogs are not so lucky. Please don’t let this happen to your pets. Make arrangements for them should anything happen to you just as you would with your other dependents.







Tucker6Chances for heartworm positive dogs at a high kill shelter are limited at best, even gorgeous boys like Tucker and we were delighted to be able to get him out of there and healthy again. Now Tucker gets to be part of a loving family where he has already been proclaimed “the best dog ever”. He has two great boys to play with and parents who work from home as well as at a dog friendly office. It’s going to be a very special Christmas for this lovely boy (and his family) and the start of a wonderful new life in Canada.





Poppy5Poppy was a mess when she came into the shelter as a stray and had obviously been neglected. A trip to the groomer had her looking great again with an appearance to match her sunny personality. This little dog has now found the perfect parents who are going to make up for everything bad that ever happened to her. This little cuddle bunny will definitely bring joy to her new family and fill a hole in their hearts left by the loss of their beloved old dog. Mom is a veterinarian and we expect Poppy will love hanging out at the clinic a few days a week if she isn’t at the office with Dad.






YodaYoda survived three months in the high kill shelter, a testament to what a great dog he is. We don’t know what his past was but he was certainly wasn’t well cared for. We thought he was much older when he was rescued because his teeth were so bad but once he had a dental cleaning his age was estimated downward. Yoda has landed in a great forever home where he is his mom’s constant companion. He even gets to go to work with her and has charmed everyone else there. Who can resist that “old soul” face and those big ears?






Keefer4We don’t know why Keefer was surrendered to the pound but it could not have anything to do with his personality. This boy is as sweet as they come. The pound is a dangerous place though and when Keefer came down with kennel cough there he might well have been euthanized without rescue. All that is behind Keefer now as he has joined the family of a local trainer and her husband. From day one Keefer fit into the pack so well it was hard to tell he hadn’t been there forever. He’s got everyone playing again. And he’s already been helping mom with her clients. She says he’s “brilliant”.

Update from his mom June 2010: He is the best dog ever. He is so cool and cuddly and happy. He gets along with all dogs and all he is my co-worker with challenging dogs.
He makes us laugh every day.We re named him Beag short for Beaganease. Considering he may be a beagle pekinese. We think he is beagle king charles though. When we call him we just yell beaga beaga beaga and he comes running faster than his little legs can carry him, its hillarius!!!



Pumpkin6It is hard to imagine that an adorable little dog like this would go unclaimed or not be adopted from a shelter but it’s a different world in Arkansas where thousands of dogs are euthanized each year. Pumpkin is one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to worry about her future now. She’s got a great family with part time kids to play with and best of all she gets to go to work with mom. She has fit in right away as the office mascot and no doubt judges her performance by the number of smiles she brings to everyone.






MaggieB5Maggie spent almost six months in the high kill pound and we can’t figure out why she wasn’t adopted from there. Perhaps it was because she was past the super cute puppy stage but too young for those wanting an adult dog. In any event we were happy to be able to get this girl to safety and eventually to her new forever home in Victoria. Coincidentally her new family is originally from Arkansas and her new mom went to school with one of our current southern foster moms. Talk about coming full circle. We know that Maggie will be one happy dog hanging out with her family wherever they may be.





Heidi2Terrified in the shelter and heartworm positive Heidi had no chance but for rescue and we were happy to help. She was especially lucky to land with some wonderful southern foster parents. They saw her through the heartwom treatment and also took her to a series of basic training classes and some agility all of which helped her gain confidence. She is still hesitant in new situations but so much better than those early days of hiding from everything and everyone. Heidi now has a loving forever mom who is going to help her overcome her fears and allow that sweet playful side of her show through.




Viva5This skinny little girl wasn’t pretty when she arrived at the shelter and was so matted she had to be shaved down. She also had a cherry eye that had not been treated. After she was adopted and returned Mosaic Rescue stepped in. She had surgery to correct the cherry eye, her hair started growing back and she put on some weight. This little sweetheart now has a mom who adores her and never has to worry about being neglected or dumped again. It hasn’t taken long for little Gracie as she is now known to steal the hearts of all the family and neighbours. It’s smiles all round.






Callie3This girl bounced back to us as a result of a marriage break up. As much as it’s hard to see her lose her first family we know that she’s now in a home that can provide everything she needs and deserves. Kyale (Kee-ah-lee) as she is now known will be able to stretch those long legs of hers and satisfy her desire to run like the wind on securely fenced acreage. She has a big canine brother who loves to play and a mom who runs and hikes every day with her dogs. She even has her own (elderly) cat to curl up with. Life doesn’t get much better than that.




Bosun4As soon as Bosun was rescued from the high kill pound we had him x-rayed and discovered that his limp was the result of being shot in the past. When the orthopedic surgeons said there was nothing they could do we knew we had to spare Bosun a lifetime of pain and amputate the leg. Bosun recovered from the surgery in no time and many people meeting him for the first time never notice he is a “triped”. This special boy is as sweet as they come and wins hearts just because of who he is. He’s now being adored by a family who considers disabilities to be character building (their blind daughter just graduated from university) and we know he’s going to give and receive lots of love and joy. Tripod as he is now known is one lucky boy.

May 2010 Note from Tripod’s mom:

We are great. Just wanted to let you know that Tripod has been accepted into the Pet Therapy world….so we have our last interview mid June then we will be visiting hospitals, elder homes etc…they are very happy to have a three legged pooch as it seems there are a fair number of child amputees that he will be a great comfort to….He is now able to be off leash at Esq lagoon and Island View beach…he loves as you know running after the birds…he and Denis have totally bonded as well…at night he goes directly into his kennel and jumps on the bed in the morning for a snuggle….if he doesn’t decide to sleep in that is….life is good remember …


Opie11Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect home for a dog and such was the case with Opie. He’s such a delightful loving little dog with a huge personality but he needed a home that could help him through his fears. We trust that he’s found that home with dog experienced parents, adoring kids and a huge friendly big brother sheepdog. Opie can look forward to much love and attention and will no doubt return that and more to his family.







Piper4Piper was abandoned at the pound pregnant. Once she raised her pups she faced a grim future with little hope of being adopted because of a stress related skin condition. All that cleared up once she was rescued and placed in a loving foster home. Now she’s found a terrific forever home with a family who run a business out of their house. She’ll get to hang out with them during the day and get lots of play time in with another dog. After hours she’ll be exploring all the local trails that are doggy heaven.






Lucy6This is the second time Lucy has appeared on the happy endings page. We hope it will be the last and trust that this is truly her forever home. Lucy was originally taken to the high kill Pound after people saw her being dumped out of a car and left by the side of the road. Although she found a loving home when she arrived here that was not to be for the long term through no fault of her own. Lucy now has a young couple to love and cherish her. We think she’ll get the attention and training she needs to be the “best dog ever”.




Millie2Millie was one of many mama dogs at high risk in the shelter after raising her own as well as orphaned puppies. She was heartworm positive which would have sealed her fate there. Mosaic Rescue saw that she received the treatment she needed to recover completely and be able to come north for a better life.

Milli now has a more modern spelling of her name and the home she was looking for where she will get lots of love and attention. She has lots of doggy friends already and since her “grandma” is an agility enthusiast Milli may get to try her paw at that too.





BaxterIt’s always hard to imagine how people can dump animals but especially so with this sweet boy who was abandoned at least twice before he finally made it into our care. Because no one had cared enough along the way he needed treatment for heartworm but once that was done he was ready for a home where he is going to be treasured for the rest of his life. We have no doubt he’s found that perfect family with at home parents and a young girl to help raise. Baxter now has extended family that includes another “Mosaic” and can look forward to an active fun filled life with people who adore him.






Spice8Like so many of the mama dogs with puppies that find themselves at the Little Rock Pound Spice had little chance of surviving there even without heartworm. That parasite would likely have sealed her fate. Mosaic Rescue is committed to providing the medical treatment that great dogs like Spice need before coming here to find a loving forever home.

Now that Spice has found that home she can look forward to being part of a family with a young girl to help raise and lots of local children to entertain. She’s already started obedience classes and can look forward to doing agility in the future. She’ll be a natural.

This girl has a new name too, Sorcha. It’s a gaelic name that means bright, radiant, or intelligent and she is all of the above!




Ruby5Like many of the females we have rescued lately Ruby had puppies that she raised in the shelter. Once they were weaned she was at even greater risk of being euthanized because she had heartworm. All she needed to live a long and happy life was the heartworm treatment she received and a wonderful new home that she has now found. Ruby has a doting family that includes a teenage daughter who is excited about doing obedience classes with her and another dog to hang out with. She also has a veterinarian neighbour who was included in the “meet and greet”. Everyone agrees that Ruby is a wonderful addition to the family and neighbourhood.






Sydney3Sydney was one of several mama dogs Mosaic Rescue saved from the shelter this puppy season. While the puppies that survive have a pretty good chance of being adopted (everyone loves puppies) the moms often don’t. Sydney faced an even greater risk at the shelter because of the (we think incorrect) breed label she was given when she arrived. She would not have survived without rescue.

All that is behind her now. She has a wonderful new life with an adoring family on an organic farm and a new name too, Noodle! Noodle has fit right into farm life and is loving being part of the action. Her new mom says that having Noodle is getting her back into running again so everyone will be getting their exercise along with lots of love.




Gracie4Gracie is a cute little non descript dog who not only got lost in the sea of dogs at the shelter but was heartworm positive as well and had virtually no chance but for rescue. Once in foster care her personality blossomed and her hidden singing talents came to light. We’re not sure if her singing career will continue here but we know she’ll be a much loved member of a great family regardless. She’ll have parents to hang out with during the day and two young children to help raise. She’s up for that challenge and already has the cuddle part down pat. It’s all about love and she has lots of that to share.




Soleil2When this recent mama dog arrived at the shelter the staff thought she was 10+ years old. She was terribly skinny, covered in raw hot spots and had worn her teeth down from biting herself. She had whipworm and heartworm. After we rescued her and got her the medical treatment she needed the estimate of her age dropped. By the time Soleil was healthy and ready to come to her new home the vet figured that she was only about 2 years old. All that is behind her now. With work from home parents and two boys to dote on her she now has a very long, happy and sunny future ahead.

Soleil is well remembered by her southern foster parents at http://www.501pets.com/index.php/2009/08/14/abby-and-soleil/



IsabellaPrincess Isabella was a victim of divorce and found herself in rescue after she snapped at a shelter manager. Who can blame her for being scared in such a situation? She needed a quiet home where she was loved and felt secure and she has definitely found it. Her new mom says that from day one it seemed as if Bella had always been there. She claimed her daytime spot on the back of the couch, her pillow on the bed at night and at her mom’s side when off leash out of the house. She’s even initiating play with her older canine sister. This princess has found a royal home and is rewarding her new family with all the love they could ask for.





Olive6This pretty girl attracted the attention of many potential adopters at the shelter but they chose other dogs when they found she was heartworm positive. No one wanted to pay for the treatment that would rid her of the parasite and make her healthy so Mosaic Rescue stepped up to the plate. Olive, named after the Christmas book “Olive, the Other Reindeer” now has a home where she is adored. Like her namesake she will no doubt make a huge contribution to her family but not only at Christmas. This girl will get to hang out with work from home parents when the kids are at school and get to go boating with everyone when the weather improves.



Raven8Raven was a rib showing skinny 19lbs when pulled from the shelter and treated for giardia. She’ll always be svelte but now that she’s in a wonderful new home she’ll be gaining weight and muscle. Raven, like her namesake, can fly and she’ll have lots of opportunity to run like the wind playing with her big canine sister on beautiful acreage. Raven’s new family is committed to their dogs and will make sure this girl gets all the love and attention she deserves. They’ve already got the beginnings of an agility course set up and no doubt Raven will love that.




JazzThis little jumping bean, cuddle bunny is as cute as can be but still she languished in the shelter because she was heartworm positive. She’s bouncing for joy now though as she’s in a home where she is loved and adored. This sweet velcro girl now known as Jolene is the perfect farm dog shadowing her mom on all the chores. She has her own cats and other dogs on the property to play with along with some horses and geese. But mostly she’ll be warming the couch, bed, laps and hearts of her family.






Willow4This skinny little waif was one of many who got lost in the sea of dogs at the shelter and overlooked by adopters. All Willow has ever wanted was someone to hang out with, a lap to curl up in and regular meals and now this little love sponge has had all her dreams come more than true. She’ll get to be with family 24/7 either at the home office or out and about. She’ll no doubt have lots of the lap/couch/bed time she craves and of course a variety of treats. Willow feels the cold and the whole family is getting involved to make sure she stays warm. Grandma is even going to teach her granddaughter how to knit dog sweaters.






Gibson4Gibson was a skinny 17.5lbs when he came into the shelter and had a bad case of heartworm. After several months in care with wonderful foster families and receiving the veterinary treatment he needed he came here a healthy happy dog at double his original weight. This boy never has to worry about his future again now that he has a loving family who adore him. He’ll be an active participant in their outdoor activities and no doubt enjoy all the canine visitors that gravitate to the home. In keeping with the family tradition of naming pets after musicians Gibson is now Neville after the Neville Brothers of New Orleans.





Lizzy4This little ragamuffin came into the shelter with puppies. The puppies were adopted but no one wanted Lizzy because she was heartworm positive. We knew that once healthy she was meant to go to a special home and indeed she has. Izzy, as she is now known, is her mom’s constant companion on a horse farm. She supervises the daily chores, greets and plays with the students who come for lessons and holds down the bed covers with two cats every night. It’s the perfect match for this little velcro dog and her loving mom..




Vinsera3This girl arrived at the shelter as a very pregnant stray. She whelped three puppies the next day but they all died. She too faced a grim future there. All that is behind her now that she has found her adoring forever family in Victoria. Lucy as she is now known didn’t get to raise her puppies but from day one she has been mothering the young daugher in the family. Lucy has started her training for runs with mom and dad and will be an eager participant in all the other family activities.






OtisOtis was adopted as a puppy from the high kill Little Rock Pound back in February ’08. Sadly his owner figured the way to “teach him a lesson” was to take him back to the Pound for a while then reclaim him. The second time this happened the shelter staff said enough is enough and Mosaic Rescue stepped in. Otis is now in a loving home in Victoria where his training will follow the positive reinforcement model with the whole family. He’ll get to hang out with dad during the day and have a young girl to play with. And he’ll realize that in this home the unconditional love goes both ways.






Woody5It is hard to imagine that a gorgeous dachshund like this should end up in a high kill shelter and be heartworm positive to boot. It is a different world in the south for sure. But Woody never has to worry about being neglected again. He has found a forever home where he will live in the lap of luxury and love. His attentive mom has always participated in activities that their dogs were bred for. Their other dog, a hound mix, does tracking and Woody might try his nose at that as well. But mostly Woody will get to excel at being the cuddle bunny that he is.






LeviThis lively happy boy wasn’t daunted by the three months he spent in the shelter. He delighted his southern foster family and will no doubt bring lots of joy to those in his adoptive home. If he’s not hanging out with dad around the acreage Levi will join mom at work in an extended care hospital. Levi has already met some of the staff and patients there and they can’t wait to have him become a regular visitor. Levi’s family do a lot of camping, hiking and fishing and are looking forward to having him along to enjoy those activities with them.




CeilidhCeilidh was named for the celebration we thought she deserved after spending six months at the high kill shelter. The celebration continues now that she has been adopted into a home that must be like heaven for her. She gets to hang out with her family on an organic farm, play with and learn the ropes from her canine sister Kubota (formerly Rita, also adopted from Mosaic Rescue) and have all the fun, exercise and love she could ever ask for. This celebration is going to last a lifetime.







Freida5This sweet little girl came from a hoarding situation where she was kept with 7 dogs and 5 cats in a tiny 3rd floor apartment. She never got out and didn’t know what grass was. That is a distant memory for Freida now. She has been adopted into a home where her latent “social butterfly” tendencies can flourish. Watch for her on her regular walks at the Gorge with her canine brother Louie, another “Mosaic”. Freida’s mom is already working on a winter wardrobe for her. No doubt she’ll be the best dressed dog around.




Sugar and Chicklet2Little Sugar was discarded at the Pound where she had no hope but for rescue. She was 6 to 8 years old, very overweight and heartworm positive. She is now parasite free, on her way to slimming down and in a loving home with another “mosaic” from Little Rock. Sugar will join Chicklet as an official greeter at their mom’s stores in Sidney, a regular walker on the boardwalk and a couch/bed cuddler. It didn’t take these two “black and whites” long to become good buddies who can share the comfy chair.




Fletcher5This special boy was so unhappy being penned up in the shelter (who could blame him?) that he climbed out of his kennel and also scaled a 6ft fence in the exercise area. Now that he’s found his forever home with a family who adore him he shows no signs of wanting to leave. He promptly claimed as his spots wherever the sun shines in the house and his blanket on the couch. Scooby as he is now known has a young boy to grow up with and “parents” who think of him as their second child. He likely thinks this is heaven.




SiskaSiska is one of those unique looking dogs that always initiates questions as to her parentage. As with other “mosaics” that will never be determined nor will we ever know how her original owners could allow her to end up at risk in a high kill shelter. What we do know is that she is a wonderful affectionate dog with a personality as appealing as her appearance. She has been one of the lucky ones to be rescued and now adopted into a family who will give her all the love and attention she deserves.





Aretha09Aretha was one of the dogs most at risk in the high kill shelter just because of her colour. We believe that black is beautiful and Aretha is a perfect example of this in looks and personality. Her adopters agree! She may never be as famous as her namesake but ‘Retha has found a home where she’ll be the centre of attention of her loving family.

Here is a photo of Aretha at Uplands Park in spring of 2009. What a long happy way from the high kill shelter.






IzzyIzzy was surrendered to the high kill shelter neglected and matted to the skin. She was shaved down, adopted but then returned when it was discovered she needed dental and other medical care that the adopters didn’t want to provide. Opportunities for adoption are limited for older dogs like Izzy but fortunately some people, like her new mom, realize how special more mature dogs can be. Izzy, now called Annie, is young at heart and spirit. She loves her walks and is already fitted out with a life jacket for her upcoming sailing trip.




Banjo2Shy gentle Banjo was a dog who had little chance of getting adopted from the shelter at the best of times but the fact that he had heartworm would have sealed his fate. Treatment was a small price to pay to save this sweet boy who could melt most hearts with those eyes. Banjo, now called Benjy, has found a wonderful forever home where he will get all the love and attention he so deserves. There is a young dancer in the family so some canine freestyle may be in Benjy’s future.






SukiAnother black dog in a shelter overflowing with others, Suki’s future was bleak to worse. She was one of the lucky ones that we were able to rescue. This little girl has been adopted by a family who recently lost their old lab and are delighted to have a lovely black dog back in their lives. Suki will get lots of walks and socializing with other dogs in the neghbourhood when she isn’t hanging out at home with dad.





Gypsy2It’s hard to believe that a dog like Gypsy could be at risk in a shelter but such is the case in an overcrowded high kill facility. All that is behind Gypsy now and she has started her new life with joy and enthusiasm. She has beautiful acerage to explore and patrol when she isn’t out on gardening jobs with mom, a cat who is learning to adjust and lots of extended family and friends to fuss over her. This summer she’ll get to try her paw at swimming and boating at the lake.




AmberPregnant and heartworm positive when she came into the shelter, Amber didn’t have a chance of surviving there but for rescue. Mosaic Rescue made sure she received the vet care she needed to come here healthy and found her a wonderful forever home. Amber is a much loved member of an active family with kids and cats. She gets to go to the kids’ games and walk or jog with mom. She also enjoys just hanging out with family at home. Amber’s family waited till the time was right to adopt and are thrilled to have found the “perfect dog” for them.



Bella Noche

Bella3Bella was just another little black heartworm positive dog at high risk back in the shelter. All that is behind her now. She’s healthy, happy and thrilled to end up with a doting mom, a beautiful place to live and lots of friends and family to fuss over her. Bella is a “love bug” and will make sure everyone gets lots of loving back.




Tilly4Tilly is one of those sweet gentle somewhat timid dogs who melts your heart. She so desperately wanted a wonderful family to love and she has found it. Tilley (she gained an “e”) will be a farm/house dog who hangs out with her people wherever they may be. She has her own cat and some horses who seem to accept her as well. This summer she’ll be supervising work in the vineyard while sniffing the ocean breeze. A great life for a special girl.





Ella13Ella is an enthusiastic affectionate girl who needed a home without young children and she’s found it. She’ll have the undivided attention of a couple with grown children and help fill the space in their hearts from the loss of their previous dog.

Thanks to Sherry Antonishen from Smart Dog Training for her help in getting Ella off to a good start in her new home.

Here’s an update from Ella’s mom in December 2009

EllasnowmanLife with Ella is lovely, she is a sweet gal who loves us…not as much as we love her though! She’s energetic and full of vim and vinegar! She hasn’t had a single health issue at all, nadda single thing, as healthy as a little horse! We believe she is finally now, after what some 18 months or more, is settled in and she realizes we won’t be turfing her aside like so many before us, this is grand. The photo is from back in May when Victoria had an ‘errant snow fall’ and the cute neighbour kids made a Frosty…we laughed with all the bits of dirt and stuff in the poor thing and then when El was so entranced by the thing we laughed again because well they were kinda the same, ha!






Odin1Odin was just one of many lab mixes facing a very grim future in an overcrowded shelter but he was a lucky one. Odin made it out of there and to the Victoria area where he’s been adopted by a family who appreciate his sweet, affectionate, eager to please nature. Odin, like Ziggy, has a wonderful farm home with big spaces to run and play, other dogs, cats and farm animals. These boys who came in together get to remain buddies since they were adopted by family members living across the road from each other.






Ziggy1Ziggy was dumped out of a car and abandoned in the south but all that is behind him now. Ziggy has been adopted by a “Mosaic” loving family on a beautiful farm where he will be able to stretch those long legs of his. He’s learning to respect the horses, sheep and pigs and is a quick study. Most of the time he’ll be hanging out with his people wherever they are but no doubt there will be some good play times with his buddy Odin as well.





Manny6Manny was brought into the shelter as a very skinny 16lb stray riddled with parasites. He had almost no hope of being adopted from there. Manny was treated for parasites and given lots of tlc from his foster mom so that by the time he got here he was a healthy happy 29lbs.

Manny has been adopted into a loving family where he has a young boy to mind and play with, two cats to obey and a dad to hang out with at work. Mom will make sure that he never goes hungry again but still keeps his trim figure.






Noelle2Just before Christmas this little dog found herself in the high kill shelter about to be euthanized because she was pregnant. We were able to pull her at the 11th hour and make it possible for her to go on to a much better life in the new year. And a wonderful life she will have with her new musical family. Although she is an entertainer in her own right she has promised not to howl when others sing. In return she will get lots of love, attention and exercise from her extended family. In celebration of her new future this special girl has a new name, Ninya.






Domino3 Domino4Little Domino was one of 70 dogs found in a U-Haul truck that had broken down and been abandoned for two or three days, a puppy mill on the move. Domino, along with the other dogs, was adopted but later brought back to the shelter because he had heartworm. He also needed serious dental work. Mosaic Rescue made sure he got the treatment he needed and he arrived here a healthy happy boy. Domi has now gone to live with another “Mosaic”, big brother Simon, two cats and doting retired “parents”.

Domi’s before and after pictures show his transformation from shaved puppy mill survivor to a very fluffy, much loved member of his forever family.


Cooper2This little brown dog was riddled with parasites including heartworm and obviously neglected when he was picked up as a stray and taken to the high kill shelter. How could anyone abandon this amazing dog? Since being rescued Cooper has stolen the heart of everyone who has met him. A special thanks to his foster mom in the south for loving him enough to let him come up to a fantastic new life as an island dog. Cooper now has a big canine sister to play with, a work from home mom and grandparents who love to have him visit.






JemmaBelleIt’s hard to believe that such an amazing girl could be in a high kill shelter for more than a month without being claimed or adopted. Perhaps she was meant to come to BC to bring joy to a new mom who has suffered a lot of loss in the last year. In return she will have a wonderful life with her older canine sister and lots of love and activity in an extended family. As this photo on her first day in her new home shows she’s a happy dog. To celebrate her “southern belle” gentle and sweet nature Jemma’s name has been changed to Belle.






Roxie8For some reason it took a long time for this great little dog to find the perfect home but some things are worth waiting for. Roxie will be celebrating the new year with her new family. She’ll have a little boy to help raise and when she isn’t out and about on family activities she’ll be keeping her work at home mom company.

Roxie thanks her temporary foster parents and brother Paddy for taking such good care of her. She’s a lucky gal to have so many people who love and care about her.






Sadie2Sadie and another dog were surrendered to the shelter because her owner was moving. The other dog was euthanized and Sadie could have had the same fate but for a volunteer who took a special interest in her. Sadie was pulled from the shelter, spayed, treated for heartworm and is now living with her devoted family in Victoria where she will get lots of love and attention. It is wonderful to see Sadie in the loving home she deserves.


JRTs aren’t for everyone but Oscar has been lucky and found a family who are terrier loving and experienced. It was love at first sight. This little guy is good at stealing hearts and will no doubt win people over to the breed. He’ll have another terrier and a lab to play with, a big property to run in and “at home” artist parents who will adore him and make sure he gets lots of attention and exercise. Can a JRT ever have too many tennis balls to chase? Oscar doesn’t think so.



Summer3Summer is a typical mosaic who was lost in a sea of dogs at the high kill shelter. She was there for a long time and had no hope but for rescue. Her luck has certainly changed now. She’ll be daddy’s girl and constant companion even getting to fly with him. Stay tuned for pictures of Summer in the co-pilot’s seat! On days when she can’t be with him she’ll be with her mom and big Rotweiler sister.This active family will take Summer on lots of runs, hikes and boating trips. Sounds like heaven for this special girl.





Dee Dee

DeeDee1It’s hard to imagine how scared this little girl must have been in the shelter. She was grossly overweight and in pain with dry eye. Thanks to a wonderful rescue volunteer Dee Dee was pulled from the shelter and taken for medical treatment. Unfortunately the eye could not be saved but Dee Dee is now pain free and enjoying life again. She is in her forever home where her new mom is going to give her lots of love and enough exercise to get her trim figure back. She’s got a new name too and is now called Mugsy.






Kelsie11Poor Kelsie was found as a stray and taken to the shelter in Arkansas very pregnant and scared. Sadly her puppies didn’t survive and she herself faced euthanization because she was heartworm positive. Kelsie was rescued, treated and brought here. It is hard to believe that this wonderful girl bounced from her first home but she has undoubtedly landed just where she was meant to be as a cherished companion and family member. Kelsie, now called Kelly, is bringing love and inspiration to her artist mom and doing her “happy dance” a lot.





Dixie16Dixie is an adorable little terrier who was bounced from a few homes because of her terrier energy and spirit. It almost cost her her life in the south but fortunately she’s now landed here with a family who love that fun smart energetic attitude. How lucky Dixie is to have been adopted by a dog trainer who appreciates her intelligence and enthusiasm and is going to make sure that she becomes the best little dog that she can be. In return Dixie will reward her family with lots of love and entertainment. Watching Dixie at play is almost guaranteed to produce a smile or chuckle.






Jersey1Jersey was just another little stray picked up with her puppies and taken to the shelter. At first it seemed that she was one of the lucky ones since once her pups were weaned she was adopted. Sadly she was returned to the shelter when the adopter discovered she was heartworm positive. We knew this girl was worth every penny of the treatment to give her a long happy and healthy life.

Jersey is in her loving forever home which she shares with two cats. She’s got a full daily schedule of walks and play dates mixed with hanging out with mom at home. Those big eyes of hers now reflect love and joy rather than the fear and uncertainty of being in a shelter.

Click here for updates on Jersey as of June 2009.




Chico3This little guy is as cute and loving as they come but he would have been euthanized in the shelter because he had kennel cough. He also had heartworm, a double death sentence. He was pulled from the shelter, treated for both and has now found his way to his forever home in Victoria. He joins another pomeranian mix who could be his brother they are so similar in appearance and mannerisms. Chico will have lots of attention from the two boys in the family who are looking forward to teaching him lots of tricks

. His foster mom used to call him Chico Rico and his new family have decided that Rico suits him perfectly.





Echo2Boy are we glad the shelter sent this girl to the vet by mistake and we were able to rescue her. Echo is still a bit of a puppy and is going to love having a young family to keep her busy and other dogs to play with. Mom is a professional photographer and Echo will get to hang out with her and another pooch at their dog friendly studio. Stay tuned for some wonderful photographs of this gorgeous girl.





Lady4This gentle loving dog was brought into the shelter as a stray with her two puppies. Her pups were at risk from disease there and Lady had little chance of getting out without rescue because she was heartworm positive. Thanks to some wonderful southern foster families Lady was able to raise her puppies and have the treatment she needed to go on to her forever home in Canada.

Lady now has her own family to love with a young boy to play with and a grandmother to keep company during the day.



PaddyIt is hard to imagine that a sweet, loving affectionate boy like Paddy could ever end up in a high kill shelter and even harder to know that he would likely never be adopted from there because of a broken leg that had never been treated. We had hoped that we could repair that damage here but so far all the veterinarians consulted have advised against surgery. The leg has healed, albeit crookedly, and it doesn’t seem to slow Paddy down at all. He runs and plays with the best of them.

Paddy has been adopted by a family who are going to make sure that he gets the best care possible and all the love a dog could ever want. He will return that love many times over.



Panda1Panda was brought into the shelter with her puppies who all died. She then wet nursed two other groups of puppies who died as well. Panda faced euthanization herself but she was too special for us to let that happen to her. She is a funny looking girl who isn’t as “cute” as many dogs but when Barb spotted her across the ferry parking lot it was love at first sight. Panda is a loving playful loyal dog who makes everyone smile. When she isn’t helping her mom in the garden she’ll join her in many of the dog friendly social events on Salt Spring Island.

To celebrate her new life and southern heritage she has a new name, Daisy, Miss Daisy to her driver.




Meeka2Meeka was just another little black dog who got lost in the shelter. For some reason there was no intake card filled out for her and her picture was never posted on the web site. She was overlooked for such a long time. Fortunately her southern guardian angel was looking out for her and she was rescued just days before her kennel mate was euthanized. There was every likelihood that Meeka would have been too. Poor Meeka was so scared by the whole experience that she slipped out of her harness and bolted from her southern foster home. After six anxious days she found the courage to come back and join the pack.

Meeka has now found her forever home with two dogs, two cats and two humans who have lots of experience with scared dogs and are going to give her all the love she could ever want. She has a new name to celebrate her new adventure in life, Scout. Miss Scout has already settled in nicely as you can see by clicking here



Georgia5Sweet Georgia didn’t have a chance in the high kill shelter. She arrived pregnant and lost half her puppies shortly after whelping. We then discovered that she was heartworm positive, an almost automatic death sentence for her. Thanks to a wonderful foster mom in Arkansas we were able to get Georgia and her puppies to safety. The puppies were placed locally and Georgia was treated for heartworm before coming to Victoria to start her new life. Click here to see more photos of Georgia.






Rita2Rita was at the high kill shelter for almost two months and she was on the “to euthanize” list one day. Fortunately her number was at the bottom of the list and the staff ran out of time giving a rescue volunteer time to save her for us. It is shocking to think that such a fabulous dog could be euthanized. Lovely Rita has come a long way from that dreadful place and has been adopted by a dog loving family on an organic farm where life is good. She has a new name too, Kubota because she loves to sleep under the tractor.

In September 2008 Kubota’s mom writes:

“Kubota is doing great – she is the best dog ever ( I am sure you hear this from everyone). She has been great with Tashi – Tashi won’t go anywhere without her – he watches her very closely to watch her reactions so he can tell if something is up – he is so deaf now that Kubota has become his ears. Kubota and I are great pals – we go everywhere together – total soul sisters. She makes me laugh every day.Thanks for saving her, I can’t imagine my life without her.


FrankieFranklin, affectionately known as Frankie was in the shelter for months. He was deemed aggressive and unadoptable because of his violent reaction when people and dogs walked past his kennel. Fortunately Carrie realized that this was not who Frankie was. Once out of the shelter Frankie was a different dog. You couldn’t find a more gentle loving boy. Frankie has gone to a home where he’ll get lot of love, attention and toys! Watch for him power walking with his new mom around Cadboro Bay.




Chicklet1Sweet funny little Chicklet finally got here and she was worth the wait. With her cute grin, floppy ears and happy disposition she is going to make everyone smile. Chicklet is one lucky dog to be able to hang out with her big sister Princess at one of their mom’s stores in Sidney during the day and get all sorts of attention.

A special thank you to Chicklet’s southern foster mom who loved on her for the months that she was in her care and was then able to let her go to her wonderful new life in Canada.






Maddy matMaddy was a little dog in with a bunch of black lab puppies at the shelter and was overlooked for months. Fortunately she was one of the lucky ones to get out of there. Although she is very scared of new experiences she is incredibly loving and curious. She’s going to gain the confidence she needs in her loving home with another dog, someone to hang out with during the day and some great kids to play and cuddle with.





Reddy5This poor boy didn’t stand a chance in the high kill shelter. Not only was he heartworm positive but he limped from a hip injury that had never been treated. Fortunately he had some guardian angels looking out for him and he is now in a loving forever home. He’ll get to hang out with dad and tend the exotic plants in the garden and maybe go to work with his mom occasionally. He has a new name too, Riley. No doubt he will have the life of his namesake.

Heartfelt thanks to all the generous people who contributed to Reddy’s medical treatment and made it possible for him to enjoy a long happy and pain free life.

Click here for Riley’s page.




Monty1Lucky Monty has found his forever home with a family who are going to give him all the love and attention he could ever want. He’ll get to hang out with his work from home dad when he doesn’t go to work with his mom.There are adult kids at home to take him for runs and agility is probably in his cards as well. Life doesn’t get much better than that and it couldn’t happen to a nicer little dog.

Monty’s family chose a new name to celebrate his new life. He’s now called Dave and has his own web site at http://rickstack.spaces.live.com/





Rufus hereAfter months in the high kill shelter this lovely boy finally has a family of his own. Rufus is the perfect gentle loving dog for the little boy and will be the constant companion of the family. No more concrete runs and outdoor living for him.






ScarletThis gorgeous girl didn’t find an O’hara family but she will be called “Miss Scarlett”. Her talent as a limbo artist and acrobat make her a natural for agility and she’ll get to try that along with the granddog who visits regularly. This southern belle is a social butterfly and has gotten to know all the dogs and people who walk regularly at the Cedar Hill Golf Course.






Cindy1Cindy, affectionately known as Cindy Lou Who, will celebrate the New Year in her forever home. This sweet little bassett/sharpei/dachshund/ ?? mix will bring much joy and laughter to her new family. She’s a great cuddler and will get lots of lap and couch time.






Hanna shelterHannah’s adoptive mom loved her very much but unfortunately her grandson was terribly allergic to her. Rather than keep Hannah separated from her “pack” Hannah was rehomed to an organic farm where she has an extended family of dogs, cats, chickens and a horse. When Hannah isn’t able to accompany her new mom to work she’ll get to hang out with other people on the farm. She’s delighted at the daily routine of ball and frisbee throwing and is looking forward to the possibility of agility. She has a new name too, Annie.

From Annie’s mom August 2010:

Thought you should know that I am moving back to Ontario in a week. My little Annie and I are driving across the country. she will be my trusty companion, and of course my warning system for any trouble. She is the BEST dog.

I love that you continue to do this good work. I would never have had my Annie without you. And honestly, she is the best dog I have ever had. I am thankful for the day you called to tell me you had a dog to re-home. The universe gave me a marvellous gift that day


Jackiehead1This sweet little rat terrier stole the hearts of the foster families who took such great care of her during her vetting and heartworm treatment. Jackie is now being loved in her forever home where she has a work from home dad and a big Jack Russell sister to play with. Watch for her out and about in James Bay sporting a warm sweater until the weather improves.

Click here to see pictures of Jackie on her own site.




Holly hereHolly has been adopted and from now on every day will be a “hollyday”. This little girl was just another brown dog in a high kill shelter. Life is much brighter in her new home where she will get lots of love and attention. She was quite taken aback by the snowstorm and cold weather (after all she is a southern girl) but coped by hanging out in front of the wood stove between outings.





JulioJulio was so terrified in the shelter that people couldn’t get near him and he was in grave danger of being euthanized. Thankfully our rescue partner in the south knew that this was not a vicious dog and that all he needed was to get out of that dreadful place. She was absolutely right. Now that he is in a loving home he is a friendly affectionate boy who loves to cuddle. He joins a family with two other rescued dogs and a cat to play with. He also has a new name, Louie, but you can still look for him down by the school yard.

You can see Louie in his holiday finery by clicking here.





HaleytoySome dogs seem to bounce from home to home so many times through no fault of their own. Haley, now Billie is one such dog. We have to trust that she is now in her last and forever home where she will be cherished for who she is not what she can provide to the family. Billie is a wonderful girl who is smart, friendly, energetic outside and calm inside. She’ll get to hang out with her retired dad at home on acreage or on some of his gardening jobs, join canine friends at play at the Duncan dog park and may even get to try her paw at sailing.

Be happy sweet Billie.



Joeyhere1Joey was adopted in October 2006. In January 2008 Joey’s mom writes:

He’s still as plucky and good natured as ever, and makes friends with dogs and humans wherever we go–even the garbage men who left him and our other dog some milk bones on the garbage cans one day! He looks quite silly in our annual Christmas shot.

He’s even become quite a good snow dog, as we take him and his bro Elbee for leisurely trips up Forbidden Plateau occasionally. No agility for him, as he dislocated his knee jumping last year (it’s healed completely), but we still go for our daily run in the forest. Of course, he still whips around the property (we have four fenced acres) chasing rabbits and alerting the neighbourhood to the ongoing raven-eagle wars.

I moved my office home last May so we get to spend almost all day together, and we plan on taking both the lads to Tofino next month as we’re staying at a dog-friendly accommodation.


PeggyshelterThis poor girl had every reason to be as terrified as she looks in her shelter picture. She was pregnant and heartworm positive. Now that Peggy has been spayed and treated for heartworm she is one happy, playful, loving girl.

Peggy has been adopted into a home on the islands where her true friendly loving personality is charming everyone. She’s getting lots of lap time as well as walks and gets to be with her family all day.

She has a new name to celebrate her new life. She is now called Sadie. Stay tuned for pictures.




Abby1Picture ET. That’s what this little tyke looked like when the Little Rock animal control officer found her and took her to the shelter. She was completely bald but for a few tufts of hair on the top of her head. Thanks to the great folks at University Animal Hospital in Little Rock who treated her for demodex mange and loved on her for almost three months she is well on her way to regaining her hair.

Abby’s foster mom knew she wouldn’t be able to give her up once she was there so Abby is now an official Saturna Island resident.

Click here for updates on Abby in her forever home.

Abby passed away peacefully on July 20, 2010. She had a wonderful life with her mom and touched the hearts of many friends here.


Pepper3This lucky girl has been adopted into a family with three boys, two other dogs, four cats and a stay at home mom. Pepper is going to have a lot of fun and love in her new home and she deserves it. It is hard to think that such a lovely dog could have been euthanized in an overcrowded shelter.





Meg2When Meg is excited and happy even her right ear, which is normally at half mast, stands up. We expect to see both ears up a lot now that she is in her new home with work at home humans and a cat and another dog to play with.

Meg will have to get her sea legs and a life jacket since sailing is a passion in her new family. Happily she’s come a long way from a dismal shelter in Arkansas.

Click here to see how Meg is doing in her new home.




WisonWilson was just another black dog on the euthanization list at the Little Rock shelter looking for someone to love and care for him. Luckily Wilson has found that. He’ll have two young boys to keep him busy and grow up with him and “parents” who will make sure he’s an integral part of the family..

Wilson will help heal some of the heartbreak his family felt at the death of their old dog and bring lots of joy and love to his new home.

Click here to see Wilson with his new family.



MayaMaya is a lovely little girl who was brought into the shelter along with her five adorable puppies. Sadly the shelter is a dangerous place for puppies and all of them were euthanized when they came down with parvo. Maya herself was in danger of being euthanized because she had heartworm. She has been treated and is now healthy and happy.

Maya has been adopted by a family who will show her how good life can be on a lovely farm in Metchosin. She’s great with the horses, pigs, sheep and chickens but mostly hangs out with the kids, parents, cats and other dog around the house. She has a new name to start her new life, Quilly.

Click here for updates on Quilly in her new home.

Quilly died in an accident in December of 2007. She is sadly missed by her family.



GrettatongueGretta is a gentle, playful and loving girl despite her apparent past abuse. She has been adopted into a home where she will be a cherished member of the family along with two cats.

Gretta will get to go to work with her new mom occasionally where she will be able to share some love with abused children. She’ll be a great “therapist”.


This lively friendly girl is a great little mosaic. Maggie was one of the lucky ones to be rescued from that awful high kill shelter.

Maggie has been adopted by a family who live on acreage where she can stretch her legs and run like the wind once she has some obedience training. She’ll have two horses and three cats to keep company with as well as devoted “parents”.

Click here for pictures of Maggie on the farm.

Sally Mae

Sally Mae homeSally Mae was a stray in the kill shelter whose prospects were very grim since she had heartworm. How could we not provide the medical care this precious girl needed? She has stolen the hearts of everyone involved with her rescue.

Sally Mae is now heartworm free and has gone to a wonderful home with big brother Yves, the Bouvier mix and PK the cat. She’s getting her passport in order since a move to Australia is in the works for next year. What a well travelled dog she is going to be!

Click here for more pictures of Sally Mae in her forever home.


RudyhereRudy is a sweet lively little dog who was named after Rudolph Valentino because of his loving nature. He’s a lucky boy to have been rescued from that terrible shelter and adopted by a great couple.

Rudy can run like the wind and loves to play. No doubt he’ll be an agility and/or frisbee star.

Rudy was the name of a recently deceased family pet so this little guy is now called Wylie.




SophiecouchSophie is one of the sweetest dogs you could imagine but she faced almost certain death in the shelter because she was heartworm positive. She was treated and has now gone to her new home.

Sophie had not had a good life before coming here and it has been a delight to see how she has blossomed in and bonded to a family that adores her.





buddy1Buddy is a lively 18 month old lab mix who just loves to play with other dogs.. He is one lucky boy to have been adopted into a home where he has a big canine sister Casey to wrestle with. And when Casey is tired of him there are lots of dogs at the local dog park to keep him going.

Click here for updates on Buddy in his new home.





pippaballPippa looks like a combination of terrier, shepherd and beagle but it’s difficult to say for sure what mix she is. She is a sweet girl six to nine months old.

Pippa has been adopted into a family with lots of kids to play with. She’ll be a regular with her “team” at the ball park during baseball season. Click here to see pictures of her there. She has a new name too, she is now called Jasper.




Milo2 MilohereMilo is a sweet boy with beautiful big eyes rimmed with black. He appears to be a mix of whippet and shepherd though there may be some terrier in there too. It’s hard to tell for sure. He’s about a year old and is a slim 30lbs.

Milo has been adopted into a loving family with a dog who looks so much like him that she could be his sister.

Click here to see pictures of Milo’s first experience with snow.

Update from Milo’s parents December 2009:

We’re sorry we weren’t able to make the last reunion but will make a point
of it next year. Milo has been doing great, he and Abby are inseparable.
He continues to be a sweet gentle soul that uses his incredible charm to get what he wants. Whereas Abby can be a little pushy at times when she wants something, Milo has a way of giving you that look with tail in full wag, ears slicked back, with a sideways glance and we melt. He knows how to work us and will remind us each time it’s ready for supper, walk, affection… We keep saying that between his charm and hunting instinct, we can’t imagine him having gone hungry in Arkansas. We love him to death.


dillonDillon is a friendly lab/border collie mix who faced almost certain death in the shelter. Fortunately he was rescued in time and brought to the Victoria area.

Dillon has been adopted into a home where he will be an adored “furchild”. He loves his new dog bed and toys and is looking forward to meeting all of the dogs of the neighbourhood.




simon1This sweet boy was just another of the black dogs that statistics show are the least adoptable in the kill shelters of the southern USA. He was also slightly positive for heartworm which could have been an almost automatic death sentence for him. Heartworm can be effectively treated in its early stages but few people adopting a dog from a shelter are willing to pay those costs over and above the adoption fee.

Simon has now found his perfect forever home. He’s brought much joy to his new family which includes three cats and visiting grandchildren.



smudge3Smudge is a beautiful unusual looking dog. Everyone who meets her asks what breed she is and I have to say she is a true Mosaic. She has some colouring that suggests Blue Heeler, and a cute black face like a Dutch Shepherd but the rest is anyone’s guess. Smudge is a very smart dog and has found a home with people who are committed to her training and making sure she gets lots of exercise.

Smudge has a new name. She is now called Smokey. Click here for more pictures of her.




tia1Tia is a mosaic who is about a year old. She is a sweet little girl with boundless energy.

Tia was a very skinny 20 lbs when she was pulled from the shelter. With some tender loving care from her new family she has put on some much needed weight and looks wonderful. She’s a happy girl with a beautiful yard to tear around in and local dogs to play with.